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Impact areas

All donations made to the foundation is used to provide support and care for patients living with the disorder and also in carrying out awareness campaign to reduce the number of new SCD cases recorded yearly which is already endemic in the country.

How we help

Treatment for vulnerable children

Tonymay sponsors the treatment of vulnerable children living with SCD and also for those with critical conditions of the disorder.

Publication materials

Tonymay foundation informs communities and the public through our various publications (pamphlets, fliers, articles, newsletters) thereby creating more awareness about the disorder.

Monthly clinic

Monthly clinic: Tonymay holds a free clinic session for patients living with SCD, where free medical consultation and free drugs are provided to all patients in attendance.

Education Grant

The challenge of managing the disorder is onerous and income consuming. Tonymay helps children living with SCD whose parents/caregivers are not able to pay their school fees with education grant.

Public lectures/seminars

Tonymay foundation organises public lectures and seminars to engage all stakeholders on the need for concerted effort against the disorder and to also create awareness about the disorder.

Rural and Sub-urban campaigns

Ignorance about SCD remains the major contributor to increase in new cases recorded every year. Awareness campaigns targeting rural areas are conducted all year round to educate the populace about SCD and the need to know their genotype.

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